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LZ Blades:The key laboratory of Offshore Wind Turbine Blade Design and Manufacture Technology of Jiangsu province, successfully completed the static test of the longest carbon fiber blade in China.

Recently, the longest carbon fiber blades(102m) in China successfully passed the static test in LZ Blade’s key laboratory of Offshore Wind Power Blade Design and Manufacture Technology of Jiangsu province. The test was in strict accordance with the IEC61400-23 standard and the test data is highly consistent with the design, which verifies the high reliability of the design and manufacture of this over-100-meter-class carbon fiber blade.


With its professional skills, LZ Blades has continuously and efficiently completed tests in multiple directions, which fully reflects the full-equipped hardware, efficient and accurate test capabilities of LZ Blades for full-scale structural testing of over-100-meter-class blades. During the test, the innovative use of safe, fast and efficient loading and unloading technology with super-large flange and multi-point load precise matching and cooperative control technology, self-adaptive flexible hoisting technology of the whole blade, super large blade root bending moment load slewing support technology, etc. provides valuable experience on future test of super-high-power wind turbine blades.


Based on the industry’s common and prospective technologies, LZ Blades is committed to building a corporation with internationally advanced large wind turbine blade design, manufacturing and testing capabilities, providing public technical support and services for the design, manufacturing and testing of large wind power blades. The test center of LZ Blades has successively obtained CNAS and DNVGL accreditation.